Exhibitor Excellence Sessions


Exhibitor Excellence Sessions

Get insight into the latest products and solutions and more importantly how they work!

The Exhibitor Excellence Sessions will be accessible to all visitors of the exhibition, free of charge.

The technical programme will provide you with an excellent opportunity to get up to date about the latest solutions and products that will make utility operations more efficient, sustainable and ultimately customer friendly. Presented by leading technology and service suppliers, EES will run during breaks and concurrently with the main conference, to provide those who choose not to attend the conference with extended opportunities for detailed information gathering. Each session lasts 10 minutes and will be held on the exhibition floor at the respective exhibitors’ booth. 

Download the full schedule here

The EES programme will focus on Technology, Innovation and R&D developments in the fields of:

  • (Smart) metering/grid
  • Asset management
  • ICT/data
  • Grid security 
  • Smart homes & portals
  • T&D infrastructure
  • RE/EVs integration 
  • Energy storage
  • Intelligent water networks